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Data Center Storage/Security
ScheduleForce servers are colocated at RackForce. Colocation allows ScheduleForce the combined benefits of world-class hosting infrastructure (Gigabit networking, triple-redundant power & cooling, physical security) along with direct and easy access to our equipment since we own the Server hardware. RackForce is located in Kelowna, BC Canada (www.rackforce.com).

RackForce GigaCenterâ„¢ Specific Info:

  • Facility total 30,000 square feet
  • Data hall total 17,200 square feet
  • Capacity for 572 server cabinets (racks) which equates to approximately 24,000 servers
  • Ubiquitous 10Gbps Network
  • High efficiency computing and Cisco Data Center 3.0 network
  • Among the greenest and most advanced data centers in the world
  • Built to exceptional "GREEN" standards
  • PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) target of 1.2
  • Powered by abundant and clean Hydro-Electricity
  • Approximately 1/50th the carbon footprint of a conventional data center
  • Kelowna has been identified as one of the best locations in North America to build a data center
  • Stable geographic location
  • Temperate climate
  • Extreme low risk of natural disasters, earthquakes, storms, etc.
  • International airport
  • Ample amenities

Disaster Recovery/Redundancy
Detailed Disaster Recovery plans are in place should such an event occur. Parallel sets of servers are running in a secondary location should a failover need to occur with minimal down-time. Backup sets are taken in physical form (tapes/dvd) as well as through secure file transfer to an off-site location.
Typical Data Archiving includes daily scheduled backups – although more frequent (and incremental) backup schedules are available.

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