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Features for the Supervisor
Viewing and Modify Schedules
Select from different schedule views to better understand when and where specific staff are working, how many people are required to work on a specific assignment, and who is working at specific locations. Utilize schedule filtering to pinpoint specific units and/or staff that fill specific criteria. Modify schedules including scheduling stand-by activities or special events.

Easily contact staff via text messaging to a pager or email address to notify them of shift changes and shift openings.

Integrates Coldfusion Report Builder for unlimited reporting flexibility. Customizable reports provided include: multiple schedule styles, open shift reports, qualification expiration reports, staff summary information, and scheduling violations and exception reports.

Utilize Availability entered by staff to fill shifts during times they have committed to being available to work. Enter manually on behalf of employee's who phone in their availability. All availability entered is tracked for submission time and User.

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